Madaar Development,

Founded in 2015, Madaar Development was quick to adopt forward-thinking strategic planning and innovative design ideas. In order to carve out a name and legacy among developers that is synonymous with luxury, Maadar leveraged its knowhow in hospitality. Through working with its sister companies, like the renowned Sunrise Resorts to present, Madaar is able to deliver across all fronts: design, soldity, luxury, and boutique living. All at once, every time.

Azha, being the crowning jewel in Madaar’s ever-growing portfolio, stretches across 1.6 million square metres on the up-and-coming left side of Sokhna, optimising waterfront-living for a carefully curated community. This kind of foresight has allowed Azha’s residents and guests to sink their toes into virgin sands a mere 12 kilometres from Ain Sokhna’s toll station. That’s a hop-skip from Cairo and a neighbour to the New Administrative Capital.

This class of steady steps saw Madaar starting to deliver Ahza’s early phases in 2019 after it had already cemented the property as the go-to leisure destination in Ain Sokhna. Today, Azha is made of 20 bijou villages, each with a unique character, design ethos, and style. Madaar has also enlisted some of the brightest firms to ensure every service on offer and every amenity at Azha embodies Madaar Development’s spirit: effortlessly luxurious and ever-forward thinking. With this star as a shining, living example, and this spirit firmly embodied through the entirety of Madaar’s portfolio, our orbit is only expanding across the land.